About Sara

Working for Fortune 500 brands like Kellogg and Clorox gave Sara major market experience leading marketing teams and initiatives, and she also directed the marketing team for many years as Media Director for one of her community's largest non-profits. But what keeps her skills sharpest are the creative projects she takes on in her personal photography and design business. Bridging together her marketing and branding insights with her passion for beautiful, purposeful design and photography enables Sara to leverage a unique perspective in her work.

Sara and her husband stay busy with her two favorite clients, Eli and Piper. She holds a B.A. in Journalism from Point Loma Nazarene University, and has developed much of her perspective and appreciation for beauty by traveling and soaking up life and stories in 21 countries.

photos are our autobiography, a way of telling who we are.

- jan phillips

a good snapshot keeps a moment from running away

- eudora welty

a camera didn’t make a great picture anymore than a typewriter wrote a great novel

- Peter Adams

design is thinking made visual

- saul bass

there is beauty in simplicity
everything works out in the end, if it hasn’t worked out yet, then it’s not the end.

- paolo coelho